Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality or of becoming gay

Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality or of becoming gay

Heterophobia– Concern about the opposite sex

Galeophobia otherwise Gatophobia– Anxiety about pets. Gamophobia– Concern about relationship. Geliophobia– Fear of laughs. Gelotophobia– Anxiety about being chuckled at. Gephyrophobia or Gephydrophobia otherwise Gephysrophobia– Concern with crossing bridges.. Gerascophobia– Concern about growing older. Gerontophobia– Anxiety about old somebody otherwise out-of getting older. Glossophobia– Concern with public speaking otherwise of trying to speak. Gnosiophobia– Fear of knowledge. Graphophobia– Concern about writing otherwise handwriting. Gymnophobia– Fear of nudity. Gynephobia otherwise Gynophobia– Concern about ladies.

Hadephobia– Concern about heck. Hagiophobia– Fear of saints otherwise holy some thing. Hamartophobia– Anxiety about sinning. Haphephobia otherwise Haptephobia– Anxiety about being touched. Harpaxophobia– Concern about becoming robbed. Hedonophobia– Concern with impact satisfaction. Helminthophobia– Concern about getting plagued that have worms. Hemophobia otherwise Hemaphobia otherwise Hematophobia– Concern with bloodstream. Herpetophobia– Anxiety about reptiles otherwise scary, crawly some thing. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Concern with the amount 666. Hierophobia– Concern about priests or sacred anything. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Concern with much time conditions. Hobophobia– Anxiety about bums or beggars. Homilophobia– Concern with sermons. Hominophobia– Concern about boys. Hoplophobia– Concern about firearms. Hydrophobophobia– Fear of rabies. Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia– Concern with glass. Hygrophobia– Fear of liquids, dampness, otherwise water. Hypengyophobia otherwise Hypegiaphobia– Fear of duty. Hypnophobia– Concern with bed or of being hypnotized. Hypsiphobia– Concern about top.

Iatrophobia– Anxiety about visiting the doctor or off doctors. Ichthyophobia– Fear of seafood. Ideophobia– Concern about facts. Illyngophobia– Concern with vertigo or feeling dizzy when searching off. Iophobia– Anxiety about poison. Insectophobia – Concern with pests. Isolophobia- Concern about solitude, getting by yourself. Isopterophobia– Concern about termites, insects you to consume wood. Ithyphallophobia– Anxiety about seeing, contemplating or with a vertical cock.

Genophobia– Concern with sex

. Kakorrhaphiophobia– Fear of incapacity otherwise beat. Katagelophobia– Concern about ridicule. Kathisophobia– Anxiety about seated. Katsaridaphobia– Fear of cockroaches. Kleptophobia- Fear of stealing. Kolpophobia- Anxiety about snatch, including females. Kopophobia– Fear of tiredness. https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/salt-lake-city/ Koniophobia– Concern about dirt. (Amathophobia) Kosmikophobia– Fear of cosmic technology. Kynophobia- Concern with rabies.

Lachanophobia– Concern about produce. Laliophobia otherwise Lalophobia– Concern about talking. Leprophobia or Lepraphobia– Concern about leprosy.. Ligyrophobia– Anxiety about loud noise. Lilapsophobia– Fear of tornadoes and you may hurricanes. Limnophobia– Concern about lakes. Linonophobia– Anxiety about sequence. Liticaphobia– Anxiety about legal actions. Lockiophobia– Fear of childbearing. Logizomechanophobia– Concern about computers. Logophobia– Concern with words. Luiphobia– Concern about syphillis. Lygophobia– Fear of darkness. Lyssophobia– Concern about rabies otherwise to become frustrated

Macrophobia– Fear of a lot of time waits. Mageirocophobia– Fear of preparing. Maieusiophobia- Concern with childbirth. Malaxophobia– Fear of love enjoy. Maniaphobia– Concern about madness. Mastigophobia– Concern about punishment. Mechanophobia– Fear of computers. Medomalacuphobia– Fear of dropping a hardon. Medorthophobia– Anxiety about an upright penis. Megalophobia– Fear of highest something. Melissophobia– Concern with bees.. Melophobia– Concern or hatred off musical. Meningitophobia– Fear of attention disease. Menophobia– Concern with times. Merinthophobia– Concern about becoming bound otherwise tied. Metallophobia– Anxiety about material. Metathesiophobia– Concern with transform. Meteorophobia- Fear of meteors. Methyphobia– Anxiety about alcoholic drinks. Microbiophobia– Fear of microorganisms. (Bacillophobia) Microphobia– Anxiety about little things. Misophobia or Mysophobia– Concern about becoming contaminated that have dirt otherwise bacteria. Mnemophobia– Fear of recollections. Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia– Concern with mud otherwise contamination. Monophobia– Anxiety about solitude or being alone. Monopathophobia– Anxiety about distinct condition. Motorphobia- Concern about automobiles. Musophobia or Muriphobia– Fear of mice. Myctophobia– Concern with dark. Myrmecophobia– Concern with ants. Mythophobia– Concern with mythology otherwise stories otherwise false comments. Myxophobia- Anxiety about slime. Necrophobia– Concern about demise or inactive things. Neopharmaphobia– Anxiety about the medications.. Noctiphobia– Anxiety about the night time. Nomatophobia– Concern about names. Nosocomephobia– Fear of medical facilities. Nosophobia otherwise Nosemaphobia– Anxiety about to be ill. Nostophobia– Anxiety about coming back family. Nudophobia– Concern with nudity. Numerophobia– Concern about number. Nyctohylophobia– Concern about black wooded section otherwise of forest at night Nyctophobia– Fear of the new ebony or regarding nights.

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